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Hong Kong, China

It’s me, hello.

r251187_1032560Yes, I love to shop, and I love love love love to travel. In my opinion, there is no better way to acquaint oneself with a new city or country than to peruse its wares. But sometimes, easier said than done. In preparation for the trip I will be taking this summer with a good friend around South East Asia, I googled “Hong Kong + shopping.” What I wanted was directions to  little stores which would carry lines like Tsumori Chisato et al. Instead I got directions to Zara and the Jade Market, or advice like, “Bargain!” or “Know the Product!” or “Hit the Sales!” or “Make sure you get an International Warranty!” (…you know who you are!)

Since no one that I can find seems to be successfully blogging about boutique shopping around the globe, I thought: I’ll do it.  As I travel from West to East and back again, I’ll share with you what I find. I’ll also post where I’ll be going next, and any tips on where to check out would be greatly appreciated.

See you!