This new Net-a-Porter magazine spread is seriously not helping my desire to buy a new bathing suit for summer and head to the beach.


What would be your top choice destination for a beach vacation this summer?


3 responses to “UH-OH.

  1. How about Morocco?? I know we never really did the beaches here – what a shame. But otherwise, my votes are as follows: croatia, turkey, or somewhere else in the eastern Mediterranean. Also, I have been missing the BVI…

  2. UM that’s not true! Remember that amazing day we spent at that private beach? And that less-fun-but-also-really-fun day we spent at the non-private beach??

    I totally feel you on Croatia.

  3. True! You’re right – we had some good beach days au Maroc. Though, if you came back, these are the beaches I would take you to:
    1. The North – lovely Mediterranean beaches, calm waters, beach bars and pizza joints. Lovely.
    2. The South – namely, Dakhla. Think about going to the moon, and then putting an ocean next to the moon sand (I imagine that there is sand on the moon… who knows). That is Dakhla, totally otherworldly. Plus, you can kite surf, which is cool, and makes up for the lack of… well, anything else to do there aside from sunbathe and climb on dunes.

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