Travel Playlist #2: Magic Week In NYC

It’s FINALLY that week in New York when the weather turns and heads upwards of sixty, and everyone pulls out their t-shirts and flip-flops and heads to the nearest park. Thank goodness! Unfortunately I’ll only be able to enjoy a week of this before I’m out of the country once more.

  1. tUnE-yArDs – Bizness
  2. The Strokes – The Modern Age
  3. Paul Simon – Gumboots
  4. Mos Def – Summertime
  5. Rilo Kiley – Breakin’ Up
  6. The Strokes – Under the Cover of Darkness
  7.  Shugo Tokumaru – Rum Hee
  8. Beirut – After the Curtain
  9.  Apollo Sunshine – Breeze
  10. Tommy Toussaint – Sloppy Sentimentalists
  11. Annuals – Complete or Completing

…and I think they’re best listened to in that order.


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