My favorite day in South Bali was, embarassingly enough, probably spent at WATERBOM, Bali’s own water park, right in the middle of Kuta.

Waterbom immediately distinguishes itself from your run of the mill Six Flags with its striking and total cleanliness. Not a piece of litter in sight. There’s also a convenient and waterproof system for traversing the park empty handed—upon arrival at the ticket counter you can deposit extra money into an account which is monitored via a Velcro wristband, scanned at the food stalls, locker room, and game counters (all slides are included in the price of entry for 26 USD.) At the locker room most guests decide to strip down to bathing suits and bare feet in exchange for another key-toting wristband—leaving you totally free to jump in unencumbered.

Waterbom is relatively small but the slides are classic, satisfying, and addictive. We rode the majority three or four times. And to Waterbom’s greatest credit, the lines were short—even on a Sunday. Waterbom incorporates three great race-style slides—my favorite was the Jungle Ride, on which slide the two competing paths to the bottom are not parallel but wind apart, so that the winner of the race remains a surprise until you hit the pool at the bottom.

Waterbom’s best slide, however, is unquestionably its newest, the aptly-titled Climax. As we waited on line to ride the Climax, I couldn’t figure out exactly what made it so “scary”—until I heard a recurring dense thud above us. As it turns out, at the top of the climax you climb into a chamber, standing on your feet, the staff closes shuts the door, you hear a soothing British woman count down from three… and then the floor drops out from beneath you, sending you free-falling into a clear tube. The momentum (2.5 gs of force, according to the website) is so much that you shoot up through the tube, defying gravity to perform a full loop. It’s exhilarating.

Anyway, it may seem like a waste to spend a day at a waterpark when you’re in a tropical, culturally-rich paradise covered with beautiful beaches and temples, but I’m here to tell you… it’s not.


Open daily (including holidays) from 9am-6pm

+62 361 755 676


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