Spa Hati Ubud

My favorite day in Ubud was probably spent at SPA HATI HANDS. On or around Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I searched Ubud for an atmospheric and affordable spa. We started at COMO Shambala Estate, which is perched along the side of a huge gorge, and is one of the most beautiful properties I’ve ever seen in my life, but was definitely out of our price range. (Worth a visit purely as a voyeur, but be warned that security is tight. They practically wouldn’t even let us in the front door without a reservation.)

We ended up at Spa Hati, which was a blessing. They’re known for their four-handed massage, which wasn’t included in our Valentine’s Day package, but the staff was incredibly accommodating and let my boyfriend exchange his pedicure (?) for the four-handed. I decided to stick with the facial, but he assured me afterwards that the four-handed massage was amazing. Our package included for each of us: a 90 minute oil massage, a 30 minute body scrub, and a 30 minute flower bath, which was filled for us with rose petals and frangipani. After that, they let us hang out in the jacuzzi and sauna for as long as we liked before I went off to enjoy my facial, atmospherically situated in a japanese-like outdoor pavilion with sliding shoji screens, candle-lit inside. It was evening by then and I could hear the frogs croaking. All of this was only about $60 each. No kidding.

And that’s not all– Spa Hati operates in financial support of the Bali Hati Foundation, an NGO which runs the Bali Hati school for children grades 1-6 as well as a mobile health clinic and other social programs. On their website I read that they are currently in the process of opening the Bali Hati Education and Community Center on their land in Lodtundah village, which they call “An eco-friendly center where the whole environment is designed as a place of learning that empowers people and promotes resource sustainability.”

Anyway, go visit the spa if you’re in Ubud. It’s win win win.


Jln. Raya Andong #14, Peliatan – Ubud
Ph.: +62 361 977578


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