My Favorite Bar in Bali…


I didn’t party so much in Bali, but I did have a great time going out at DEUS. Deus Ex Machina (I think the full name goes) is a motorcycle/surf shop by day, bar by night. It’s housed in an enormous barn called the Temple of Enthusiasm (DEUS EX MACHINA printed in huge letters across its side), out in Canggu, which is a rice-paddied and peaceful area just north of the hustle and bustle of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak. It took us about a half an hour to drive there, and definitely worth it. The bar scene was relaxed–the DJ was a friend of a friend, and about twenty people were milling about the bar or dancing on the dancefloor. And the music was eclectic and awesome–everything from Paul Simon to Biggie.

N.B. that if you’re heading out to Canggu for a nice night out, you would do well to make a reservation at Hotel Tugu’s restaurant, WAROENG TUGU, right next to the Deus barn. Set in a “private kitchen” (there were about 5 tables, but we were the only people there), Waroeng Tugu serves huge set-menu meals of delicious traditional indonesian fare. The kitchen is in a romantic, dimly lit garden, filled with Indonesian and Japanese rustic touches. The food was served in a big boat and included grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves and sweet and small, grilled green eggplants. Reservation essential and don’t plan on cancelling less than a good half-day in advance–they take your credit card number upon reserving. The entire meal cost about $100 including alcohol for two.


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