Bergdorf Goodman

01_bergdorfBergdorfs has a bit of a reputation as being stuffy, but I like it there too. What’s the difference between Barneys and Bergdorfs? It’s tempting to make a Carrie/ Charlotte analogy, but I’ll resist.

Bergdorfs is more classic, more old-world/ old-money than Barneys, but it has its strong suits. Namely:

-Bigger departments, including beauty, and accessories.

-5F, Bergdorfs’ answer to Co-op, seems geared towards a slightly JAP-ier, slightly less edgy client, HOWEVER: they definitely carry brands that Co-op does not, like Y-Yigal, Elizabeth & James, See by Chloe, and Rebecca Taylor. Also, 5F has its own cafe (although to be honest I think it’s a little silly.)

-Apparently there is also a hair salon on the 9th floor? I did not know that.

It’s hard for me to weigh in on 5 of the 6 clothing floors in Bergdorfs because I can’t afford to buy designer wear, and thus (admittedly) don’t really know the difference between the two Big Bs, but…in terms of 5F and Co-op, what I like about 5F is that it has a bit of a timeless quality to it. Whereas Co-op sometime agressively pushes edgy styles, 5F is more likely to have a range of classics, like good summertime sundresses. Also, Bergdorfs has truly amazing windows (sorry, Simon Doonan.)

Like Barney’s, Bergdorfs if fully equipped with its own bridal salon, enormous shoe salon, home decoration section, and overpriced restaurant.

Bergdorf Goodman:
754 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10019

Monday–Friday 10–8. Saturday 10–7. Sunday 12–6.


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