I am a City Child.

eloise-televisionHello! I am on a short hiatus at home before I set out for Tokyo, so it makes sense to write about New York now while I’m still here, even though the idea of profiling New York shopping is ooobviously sort of impossible. I won’t try to be comprehensive, I’ll just list some of my favorite places to go. You shop where I shop!

I like to go to Barney’s just to see whats up and make sure everything is moving along smoothly. Today there was a massive shoe sale (it started a while ago so I got the tail end, which is okay cause I was just looking anyway.) I tried on:

One pair orange Manolo sandals

One pair Stella McCartney sandals

One pair chunky Lanvin pumps

One pair purple Prada gladiators

I walked out with:

Zero pair anything. (But my favorites were the Stellas if you have some extra cash and are interested.) More to come.

p.s. I absolutely love love love how Nanny looks  here.


One response to “I am a City Child.

  1. Wow, that is so funny! I am a city child as well, and with the Eloise pic, I can’t help but love your blog! Addicted much? But I need some more posts on NYC! Or maybe from further afield – any plans to go to Africa someday??

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