Drinking in Montreal

La DistillerieI know this is supposed to be a shopping blog, but the drinking in Montreal is way better than the shopping, so here are some recommendations, since you’ll be there anyway:

Suite 701: Located in Old Montreal at the Hotel Place D’Armes (which also holds the very nice Rain spa, where I got my best massage to date, ever). Best as a rooftop bar, so it’s really only worth going to in the summer. The view is deceptively beautiful and Mediterranean. Also, 701 is one of the few bars in town that pours liberally and doesn’t use one of those shot-stoppers thingys. My Recommendation: The mojitos are amaaazing! Also, passion-fruit martini.

Distillerie: Definitely my favorite bar in Montreal. Before 8, you are allowed to bring in food. Distillerie only allows in about 50 patrons at a time, so after 8 (seriously, I mean it) there is guaranteed to be a line, which is no big deal in the summer, but truly miserable in the winter when its ten degrees below and windy. The cap is annoying until you’re inside, where its refreshingly uncrowded. But the best part of Distillerie is the drinks, which are served in mason jars filled to the brim with five shots of whatever you want. OMG, you’ll be wasted before you know it!! My recommendation: the Hurricane or the Lime-Gingermbre. Located at 300 Rue Ontario Est near Sanguinet.

Whiskey Cafe: A million kinds of scotch in a sophisticated space. They even have a cigar menu. Deep booths and warm lighting. Located at 5800 Boulevard St-Laurent at Rue St. Bernard.

Dieu de Ciel: Montreal has a lot of good breweries, and people seem to like this one. Located at 29 Laurier West, near S. Laurent. You could also go to Brutopia on Rue Crescent, filled with first year McGill students.

Wunderbar: Located inside Montreal’s W Hotel, Wunderbar is basically the indoor answer to Suite 701. Drinks are girly and expensive. Unfortunately, people definitely do things like “pop bottles” and dance. One dumb review calls it a “sexy temple of cool.” Creepy men are an occupational hazard. My Recommendation: A La Rose. Located at 901 Victoria Square, at Rue McGill.

Biftek: If you just want to drink some beer and eat some popcorn, go here. My Recommendation: Beer and Popcorn. Located at 3702 bd. St-Laurent, near Prince Arthur.

Sky: If you’re gay and going out in Montreal, skip Unity, skip Parking, and go to Sky. It’s more fun. My Recommendation: Don’t have sex in the bathroom. Located at 1474 rue Ste-Catherine est, near Rue Amherst.

But really, there are a million bars in Montreal you could go to. Most are open till 3 am.


2 responses to “Drinking in Montreal

  1. WOW. Thanks. I’m planning on living in Montreal next year. Super helpful!

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